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Aries Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Aries Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

People born under the sign of Aries are known for being bold, confident and adventurous, so it is not surprising that Aries tattoos should be the same.

Most Aries tattoos are large and colorful, often times depicting its character of the ram, the glyph symbol (which looks like a ‘V’ with its sides curving down), or a mixture of both.

Aries tattoos featuring the ram can range from natural — a portrait-type piece, placed in its
native setting; or something more fantastic, such as a ram’s head butting through the wearers skin, or surrounded by flames (as Aries is a fire sign). Another great option is a ram profile done in pieces, giving a similar appearance as stained glass.

Aries Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

The zodiac — or glyph — symbol can also be easily played up. Even creating a large, black
piece can make a bold statement. But this may be too simple for some Aries folks, so as an alternative, this symbol can be mixed with other corresponding factors, such as flames, a dust storm or a war god with the Aries symbol as a breast plate (as Mars is Aries’ ruling planet, and can be identified both with the stormy atmosphere of Mars and the fact that this planet was named after the god of war).

Aries Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

One of the wonderful things about Aries tattoos, and really any astrological tattoo, is that
it can be mixed with just about any other symbol that has meaning to its wearer. Flowers,
music notes and frequently, a visage of the wearers child (who may be born under any of the astrological signs). The glyph can also be morphed into many different designs. For instance, the curved ‘V’ would make a novel looking heart; it can be intertwined with a number of religious symbols, or turned into a shield akin to a family crest. The unique appearance of the rams head makes it easy to place in many Celtic and Gothic styles as well.

Another fabulous option would be to use the Aries constellation. You can place the stars
around your chosen area and connect each star, thus creating the outline of Aries. This is a very soft, simple and stylish design that still manages to make an impact.

Whatever option you choose for your tattoo, make sure it represents who you are both as an Aries and an individual.

Rose Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Rose Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Rose tattoos have a surprising history and carry a good deal of symbolism. In the 16th century, rose tattoos were given to prisoners who were sentenced to death. Today, though, the meaning has undergone a massive change. Rose tattoos are now often associated with romance and love. They are can also symbolize deep religious respect (as the red rose is seen as a representation of the blood of Jesus Christ), death and even beauty.

When getting a rose tattoo, it is important to remember that each color has its own significance. For instance, orange represents desire; white means purity; red means love, etc.

Rose Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas
After choosing the color, you can decide on a design. Though a lot of rose tattoos have a distinctly feminine appeal, there are also more masculine aspects that can be intertwined with the image. Many people choose a tribal rose tattoo as opposed to the more literal depiction. The dark colors and sharp edges make this a great unisex choice. Roses can also be used in designs featuring crosses, skulls, angels and even koi fish (which are a well known symbol of masculinity).

Some people like to use a more striking image in their rose tattoos. For instance, a monotone scene — a portrait of a person, a scroll with stylized writing — with a large, bold red rose growing alongside of it.

Rose Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Rose tattoos can also be used alongside the yin and yang symbol. The rose is usually seen as a symbol of femininity, whereas the thorns on a rose are generally a symbol of masculinity. Showing dark and light, thorned roses intertwined, placed in a similar manner as the yin and yang, may create a similar meaning — that is, male and female; light and dark, and balance as a whole.

Rose tattoos can be big and bold, or small and monotone. They can be intricate or simple. But whatever way you decide to go about featuring the rose, it can be an expression with a good deal of meaning and emotion attached.

Skull Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Skull Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas
Though always a popular design amongst enthusiasts, the popularity of skull tattoos has risen. Prior to this rise in fame, the symbolism was highly misunderstood as being something profoundly dark, sinister and rebellious. However, there are many positive connotations to be had from this design. The skull is often seen less as a signifier of death, and more as a signifier of life. Or, rather, the understanding and acceptance of all things that come with living — even death.

Skull Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas 1

Although there are many positive implications, there are, of course, some negative ones as well. However, some people choose to use these designs as a symbol of toughness or endurance. One of the most recognizable symbols is the skull and crossbones. This symbol is often used to indicate poisonous material.

Skull Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas 2

Skull tattoos have also long been a symbol for bikers and pirates. Biker tattoos usually depict a skull that is flaming, covered in barbed wire, or with red eyes. They may also show a snake coiling in one eye socket and out of the other. Though this symbol can seem tough, it may also be seen in a positive light. For instance, in some cultures the snake is seen as a sign of knowledge, thus indicating that the knowledge and understanding of death may indicate power. Pirate skull tattoos, though, are often very clear about their meaning. They usually represent everything to do with pirate culture; a crossbones style skull with blades instead of bones, a pirate hat and a menacing stare, are all quite common.

Some people also like to balance out the ominous appearance with something a little lighter. For instance, flowers growing around or in the eye sockets of a skull shows a balance of light and dark, life and death. Skull tattoos may also have significance for those in the medical field, or those who have suffered and survived accident or illness. These tattoos may include many features that or important to the wearer and are often very realistic in appearance.

There are many reason to get a skull tattoo, but weather it is a symbol of life or a symbol of death, you will be certain to create a stir with this popular and misunderstood design.

Scorpion Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Scorpions are small, but potent. They are often a symbol of duality; that is to say, you may appear harmless and unassuming, but in reality, you are a force to be reckoned with. Keeping in the theme of duality, scorpion tattoos have long been used as a form of protection — not only from the actual, physical sting of this creature, but also from the ’sting’ of evil spirits, and powerful human beings. On the other hand, they can also be seen as a weapon to be used for either protection of purely for

The majority of scorpion tattoos are done in black and gray, as this shows them to their best dramatic advantage. These monotone images can also be mixed with hints of color for a more sensational appearance; perhaps a scorpion hiding nestled in the bud of a rose, or spotted in blue to give the appearance of drops of water, formed in the shape of a scorpion. Full color scorpion tattoos, however, allow for more detail. Whether you decide to place the scorpion in a bright setting, or by itself, there is a plethora of color to choose from. Naturally, scorpions or either black, tan or gold in color; some people, though, prefer to use more vivid colors such as neon green (which can easily be mingled with either the ‘hazard’ or ‘bio hazard’ symbols for a unique design), crimson red, purple, or a bright and metallic blue.

Most scorpion tattoos have a realistic appearance; one of the most commonly used varieties is the ‘emperor scorpion’, which is a light black and gray color (with a slight hint of brown around the tail), and has a rather slender body with large, pointed claws. You can also use these otherworldly creatures in a more unrealistic fashion. The ‘red claw’ scorpion, much like its name, is red and brown in hue and can be morphed into the image of a bright red flower, or gem. The ‘Asian forest scorpion’ is often pitch black, and almost appears to be covered in shiny leather. You can take a unique approach with this type of scorpion and make the venomous tail into the shape of a cat o’ nine tails, or a riding crop.

Most people cringe at the idea of scorpions. Though small, these figures can be menacing. When it comes to body art, scorpion tattoos will likely have the same effect, and be both beautiful and intimidating to those who can bring themselves to look.